Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wedding Venues near Shah Alam / Klang / Subang

Honestly, to choose a wedding venue is hassle. Before choosing the venue, I have these 3 criteria in mind: 
1. Able to fit 500-800 guests
2. Price (yes, every bride wants the best AND the cheapest)
3. Location. Most of my neighbors are of elderly, I don't want to hassle them to drive more than 30km to attend my wedding, especially on night time.
4. Food. Prefer to have in-house caterer. Susah kepala nk fikir asing2.
5. Covered-space.

So here are the venues that I've inquired so far:

1.  Dewan Orkid, Wisma PKPS, Shah Alam. (formerly known as Dewan Cattleya)

I've read quite a few of bad experiences of bride-to-bes to get quotation and to ask the availability of this place. But they didn't let me down, there's no harm trying (the people don't know me either so kena marah ke peduli la hehe). Ok it was actually very easy, just called PKPS (03-5519 2621) and asked the receptionist to direct you to the person in charge, Encik Zaihan. I have his mobile number but I don't know whether it's ethical to give other people's number without asking them first. Encik Zaihan is very easy to deal with, will reply you on time with the info you need. Buffet starts at RM30/pax, dome-style will cost about RM55/pax (maximum is 500 guests for this). Hall rental is RM10,000 for 10 hours.
Pros: Nice hall, spacious.
Cons: I've calculated the cost, I could actually book my event in a hotel for the price.

2. Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam.

Nice reviews on the net so far. Package is worth the money, especially the all-inclusive which comes together with dais, emcee, ustaz from masjid negeri, live band, some flower arches at the entrance. But in my calculative (:p) mind, if you go with this one (80k++) vs the least exp package (50k food only+sides like flowers, table sign..without dais, band, ustaz, emcee), you have 30k extra. I'm sure if you properly plan the wedding and get several vendors to do the job, you can save about 10k, but more headaches? The sales executive was very polite, I was actually impressed.
Pros: I love love the package.
Cons: Max 55 table. Maybe the hotel is a bit old. But I don't know, haven't visited it in quite some time. And the room is not available on the date I want. Cis.

3. Setia City Convention Centre.

Attended a wedding there in February. Spacious but minimum decoration, sometimes it felt a bit bare. Maybe to add up more flowers and decorations when you plan your wedding there. From the internet, it can fit up to 2000 guests at one time, but I dont know cocktail style or seated. My enquiry was directed to this one person, I've emailed her once again but sadly, no reply up until now. Read the price starts from RM1100++/table.
Pros: Abundant parking spaces. New hall. Got comfortable surau.
Cons: Mana ni reply, mana? :p

4. Holiday Villa, Subang

Ahh talk about wedding in style. Nice ambient, I love the Victorian setting. Reviews on the net said the food is ok, but the service and parking space (RM5/entry) are a bit off. Took them 2 days to reply but hey, I won't judge. And they can't fit my guests on the date I wanted. Aww shuckss. Price starts RM1010++/table with pelamin and all.
Pros: Grand set up.
Cons: Can't think as of for now. Parking fee maybe?

5. De Palma Hotel, Shah Alam.

The reply came in while I was drafting this post. OK let's read. Price started at RM35k for 500 guests. I don't know the maximum capacity of this ballroom but I heard it is a very beautiful room.
Pros: ......
Cons: The standard pelamin is actually an eye sore to me. Can I change it if I were to have a wedding here?

6. Premier Hotel, Klang.

Pillarless, can fit up to 800 guests seated. I heard from a friend that we can bring outside caterer but I don't know. I am still waiting for their reply.
Pros: New.
Cons: Klang is a bit far.

7. Sunway Resorts Hotel & Spa

The price can be obtained from their website. I like the location, but on a weekend night, the traffic can be so bad; late guests, late start to my event. And uh, my sleeping time is 9.30pm :)  So scratch it off the list, I didn't even bother to ask. RM1200++/table if I'm not mistaken.

After listing down these venues, I actually think "Wow, I actually did something to prepare for my wedding". This is the tricky part, unless the venue I want is available, then only I can set the date of my wedding. But me+partner are too shy to walk down the aisle, knowing all eyes on us. Malu nyaaa. We are just not the type that can pull it off. Maybe, just maybe, do the reception at home lah?


  1. I will also keep all these criteria in mind and will see the arrangements according to the number of guests. Thanks for the information!

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  2. You'll find that people not known to dance can't help but get up and dance at least one when there is a live band.